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Canoe PALAVA 400

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PALAVA - innovated model of the Palava inflatable boat will capture your interest with its sportier look and better riding characteristics earned due to the sharper bow and stern and a longer body.

These changes allow the storage of bigger baggage and a higher variability of seat installations. Wide and horizontally installed seats offer a comfortable seating, and also the thigh straps allow safe kneeling when riding rapids. The canoe is suitable both for trips lasting several days until the difficulty level WW2 and for a soft ride on a calm water surface of reservoirs and lakes.

Kanoe Palava 400 - bok

  • Non-inflatable decks
  • Seats with PE foam „COMFORT PAD“
  • Thigh straps with a safety clasp
  • Variable fixation for baggage or for the third seat
  • Heavy duty carrying handles in the bow and stern
  • Safety rope on the bow and stern sides
  • Fastening rope on the bow and stern
  • Rubber ropes for fixation of baggage
  • Push-Push valves
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Transport bag 80 l
  • Material: Nitrilon®

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Price18.490 CZK
Length400 cm
Width90 cm
Weight17,5 kg
Load capacity240 kg
Side tube diameter29 cm
Air chambers3
Max. operation pressure0,02 MPa
Packed dimensions55 × 40 × 25 cm
Colorzelenošedá, červenošedá
Number of persons2+1
Warranty [mo]24

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