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Canoe SAMBA 4.5 Železný

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Canoe SAMBA 4.5 Železný Canoe SAMBA 4.5 Železný preview no. 1 Canoe SAMBA 4.5 Železný preview no. 2 Canoe SAMBA 4.5 Železný preview no. 3

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Samba 4.5 is designed as a tourist canoe suitable for calm water surfaces and water flows up to WW 2.


Samba is designed as a tourist
canoe suitable for calm water surfaces
and water flows up to WW 2. Samba is
constructed using a very strong and tough material
from DUPONT, using rotational moulding technology.

The sophisticated construction of the boat applying
completely new technological elements as well as
precise production using innovative equipment have
resulted in excellent manufacturing qualities making
Samba a new generation of plastic canoes.

Samba is supplied with two types of seats. Both are closed pieces. Type
A is designed mainly for sitting and it is lower. Type B is the choise
namely for those who alter sitting and kneeling. The seats are welded
to the cockpit and require no screw connections. The clever design
enables the seats themselves to substitute the bars (stiffeners) that are
required in many other types of canoe, while retaining the flexibility in
the area between the seats to meet the needs of every user.

Samba is easily manoeuvrable thanks to a completely new construction element - an inner
keel made of the same material as the shell. It is a closed piece welded to the bottom.
It strengthens the bottom providing excellent defence against longitudinal deflection
(sagging), as well as contributing to the speed of Samba. The bottom thus has no grooves
enabling the boat to glide swiftly on the water surface.

All of our boats come with a full 3-year warranty
and a 4-year free service warranty
(from purchasing date).


Reg. price19.800 CZK
Discount6.67 %
You'll save1.321 CZK
Price18.480 CZK
Length450 cm
Width88 cm
Weight35 kg
Load capacity300 kg
Colormodrá, červená, zelená, žlutá
Number of persons2 až 3
Warranty [mo]36

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