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Kayak ZET Toro

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ZET kayaks is introducing a next generation kayak for 2015. After a lot of development and testing, we have come up with a kayak every active paddler will appreciate.

We believe the new TORO will find supporters across all paddling categories. This kayak is not restricted to one specific purpose. It will excel on all whitewater from class 2 river running up to steep creeking, big water expeditions and even extreme racing. The progressive bow of the new TORO gives it a racing pedigree that allows it to skip nicely over river features while maintaining speed.

A combination of a newly designed stern and tuned hull makes the TORO stable, guarantees exceptional handling and provides amazing manoeuvrability. The all new ZET TORO kayak is destined for all paddlers who truly want to enjoy their whitewater paddling experience and have fun on the water.


All kayaks ZET are provided with an extended warranty:

  • 4 years for shell
  • 2 years on other parts of the kayak

Price27.300 CZK
ManufacturerZET kayaks
Length268 cm
Width68 cm
Weight22 kg
Load capacity65 až 95 kg
Draft320 l
Rim91 x 51 cm
Colorzelená, modrá, červená, žlutá
Number of persons1
Warranty [mo]24

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